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More similar stock illustrations. Zodiac vector astrology vector line icons. Aries and taurus, gemini and cancer, leo and virgo, libra and scorpio Set of horoscope art signs of zodiac. Moonstone, as the name suggests, is connected directly to the moon and harnesses its energy. When Cancer connects to moonstone, you call upon your free spirit to carry you through your journey. Red jasper is very beneficial for building your stamina, helping you overcome adversity and to be a stable support system for your loved ones.

Abalone shell connects you to the changing tides and emotions of the sea, which makes you more perceptive to what others are feeling. Rainbow Moonstone of your dreams… This crystal embodies the energy of the Divine Feminine. It aligns us in harmony to our natural rhythms. She is the talisman of the inner journey, and helps to strengthen the connection to our intuition.

If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, or out of sync with nature, lie down somewhere comfortable and hold a Rainbow Moonstone crystal before your eyes and notice how its colours dance in the light and let your mind gently settle. This crystal is wonderful in promoting Inner peace by helping to release emotional blockages and stress. Garnet can ignite your inner fire and fuel your passions Leo. Any project you take on can be supported with carnelian, which strengthens your personal power and stimulates your creative thinking.

Know your birthstone based on your birthday

You tend to be less inclined to open your heart to others. Connecting to a supreme nurturer, like red jasper, grounds you and keeps you centered.

Another way to balance your chakras is through kyanite, which is believed to bring energetic protection to help you go beyond your comfort zone. Once you gain enough courage to open your heart to something or someone new, jade is said to bring abundance and prosperity, while simultaneously getting you back in touch with nature and keeping you down to earth. You can be guilty of indecisiveness, dear Libra , since you tend to weigh and consider all factors of a situation, which stalls your decision-making process.

Citrine – Birthstone of Virgo

To counteract this weakness, connect with lapis lazuli for confident decision making. The notion of every different stone on the planet having a different meaning has been set in time for centuries. Today, crystals also known as gemstones and healing stones are known to carry energy fields that can be present for hundreds of years after they are mined from their quarry. We can use that energy for different functions in our lives.

Some crystals give us a psychic boost, others heal our hearts or help us awaken our dream lives, and others can help us to attract wealth, money, and even love. Some crystals can even help you to ward off the heeby-jeebies from that creeper at the party you got dragged to! There is no limit to these energy fields, which is why crystal healing is so popular today.

Here's what each of the most popular crystals means, and how you can use them to begin improving your life today! Gemstones and Crystals. Crystals range in price from the very inexpensive and readily available, to the very expensive and rare. These stones are available in rough form, or polished, or carved into figures such as animals or angels and more. Whether you prefer to work with a raw and natural stone or one that has been shaped into a form that resonates with you is entirely a matter of personal taste.

Abalone Shell. Black Tourmaline. Blue Apatite. Blue Lace Agate.

Clear Quartz.